The Multifunctional Center

The Multifunctional Center operates since 2011. The purpose of the Center is to organize various activities for education and socialization of young people with physical and/or mental disabilities which are not integrated into the community, which attend no form of education and have no vocational training in order to find a job.

The Center’s activities are tailored to the individual needs and particularities of the beneficiaries: theoretical and practical courses (gardening, animal care, executions of jewelry, candles and soap, cooking, computer use, English), melotherapy, painting, graphics, drawing, sports and walking.

The Center has a capacity of 20 beneficiaries. The Center consists of two very spacious rooms where two groups of 10 persons are trained, lounge, bathroom and kitchen.

Activities are conducted daily, Monday through Friday, from morning until evening, based on a weekly schedule. Two instructors-teachers and volunteers provide training to beneficiaries.

Products made in workshops are sold. Revenues support the Center’s activities.

Before the implementation of this project, young people with disabilities had low or non-existent possibilities to spend their spare time or to socialize. The Multifunctional Center has not only responded to these needs, but became a second home and family for them. Now they are useful and have learned to do a lot of things. Now they are helping their families applying at home everything they have learned from us. In addition, they make a profit from the sale of the products made.


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