The “Dolphin” Day Center for children with autism Bacau

The Dolphin Center works since 2005. It is accredited and licensed to provide the following services:

Psychological assessment and behavioral and skills assessment

The service is designed for children from outside the Center, from Bacau County and other counties. The assessment is carried out over a period of at least two sessions. At the end of the assessment process, the family receives the assessment report and the intervention plan for 6 months.

Individual and group educational and therapeutic intervention (ABA/DTT, PECS, TEACHH)

The service has a capacity of 14 places in 2 groups of 7 children. The daily program has 6 hours, Monday through Friday.  The 6 hours of  daily therapy include one  hour  of  individual therapy and 5 hours  of  group  therapy.  The  therapeutic  program  is  aimed  at  forming  and  developing  skills  in  the following   development   areas:   receptive   language,   cooperation,   expressive   language,   social interaction,  functional  communication,  visual  performance,  motional  and  vocal  imitation,  personal independence, fine and raw motility, play and spare time, reading, math and writing.

Features: rigorous environment and activities structuring by using visual media (schedules) made up of icons tailored for each child.

The intensive service of individual behavioral therapeutic intervention ABA/ VB

The service has a capacity of 10 places. The daily program has 4 hours per day of intensive individual behavioral intervention, Monday through Friday.

The therapeutic program aims at forming and developing skills in the following development areas: receptive language, cooperation, expressive language, social interaction, functional communication, visual performance, motional and vocal imitation, personal independence, fine and raw motility, play and spare time, reading, math and writing.

Individual behavioral therapeutic intervention in outpatient system

This service provides a variable number of sessions – between 2 and 20 sessions per week – for the children outside the Center, depending on the parents’ choices and the results of the assessment.

Information and counseling service for parents, theoretical and practical training

Courses whose duration and topics shall be determined according to the requests.


Total  requests  addressed  to  the  Center:  256  (for  psychological  evaluation/integration  into  the daily program of the Center or the outpatient therapy and consulting service);

Beneficiaries integrated into the day program of the Center, from 2005 up to the present time: 76;

Beneficiaries integrated into the outpatient program of the Center, from 2005 up to the present time: 139;

Beneficiaries evaluated and directed to other services: 27;

Counseling and information beneficiaries: all the families of the children in the Center’s program (outpatient and day program), from 2005 up to the present time: 149 families.

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