Investments in education

Looking at the project names carried out by the Betania Association in the schools in Bacau County, one could think that the main beneficiaries are scholar institutions. It is partially true because our main beneficiaries are, as usual, the children. Our permanent concern is the well-being of children and young people, regardless of their position in the society or their material or family situation.

The children – in this case – the pupils, are those benefiting after our investments from a better education and then a higher chance of getting a job. This is our final purpose: well trained young people, which will be able to ensure their living and their families’ living. But not only this; the beneficiaries’ list is much longer for all of us. For example: young people with qualification in new professions, needed in the job market, who develop the economy and the society; schools that have learned to adapt themselves to labour market demands, active schools looking for new sponsors, new possibilities for collaboration, schools teaching and developing partnership, schools launching new initiatives.

Projects for equipping the workshops for practical training
In the last years, Betania Association has invested in 40 laboratories in various schools, colleges and high-schools:
• IT labs;
• Auto – service workshops;
• Carpentry workshops;
• Workshops for practical training as garment worker;
• Qualification courses as chef, confectioner and waiter;
• Multifunctional laboratories for electrical measuring, electronics and telecommunications;
• Multifunctional laboratories for the food industry;
• Physics laboratories;
• Equipping of workshops for practical training as house painter, dyer, mosaic layer, plywood fitter, and bricklayer- stonemason.
• Workshops for training as worker in the field of hygiene and human body aesthetics.

Renovations and repairs of schools in the rural environment:
• The renovation of Grade School I-VIII of Albele Village, Bacau County;
• Sarata School’s renovation, Bacau County;
• Construction of the Kindergarten of Sarata Village, Bacau County;
• Construction of the Valea Sosii Grade School I-VIII, Poduri Commune, Bacau County;
• The renovation of Andriesesti School, Bacau County;
• Construction of the Turluianu Grade School, Beresti – Tazlau Commune.

Betania Association periodically receives donations consisting of various goods, which are delivered to schools in Bacau County: school desks and chairs, school supplies, clothes for the children coming from families with low incomes, computers, amplification equipment, food, etc.

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