Hydrokinetotherapy and Speech Therapy Recovery Services

Kinetotherapy is an important therapeutic tool in recovery. Our service treats disorders of the spine, musculoskeletal system, skeletal system and rheumatic diseases as well. Patients with neurological diseases (hemiparesis, tetraparesis/paraparesis), may benefit, through the execution of specific kinetotherapy exercises from an improved/enhanced health status.

Rachitis, obesity and other metabolic disorders can also be treated by kinetotherapy. Similarly, congenital diseases, such as neuromuscular dystrophy, congenital luxation, quadriplegia or inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the nervous system.

Through the specific exercises it provides, kinetotherapy is a solution for the health problems of children and adults, teaching them at the same time that exercise helps creating a healthy way of life. Kinetotherapy is based on systematized motion in the form of physical exercise, aimed at the achievement of the goals proposed.

Hydrokinetotherapy is an important way to relax and tone the body.
Services provided:
• Underwater gymnastics finds wide applications (from healthy children or with neuromotor disorders to young people and adults);
• Swimming courses for children and babies.

Speech therapy
Speech therapy service is designed both for young children for early diagnosis and intervention in case of language disorders, and those of school age and adults, helping to correct deficiencies of speech, articulation, rhythm, rynolalia, writing and reading.

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