Health investments

Betania Association has received, since the beginning of its activity, requests to support and invest in the health system. Within the health investment, we have 4 types of projects, which are listed below and which we are very proud of, especially because currently both the patients and the medical personnel who carry on their activity in the medical institutions we have invested in enjoy the same substantially improved conditions:

1) Renovation
2) Building
3) Donations
4) Emergency financial supports

• Renovation of medical dispensaries in the rural area and construction of rural medical dispensaries with Dutch volunteers (Blagesti Commune, Racova Commune, Valea lui Ion Commune, Huruiesti Commune, Izvorul Berheciului Commune, Gaiceana Commune, Colonesti Commune, Motoseni Commune, Podu Turcului Commune);
• Renovation and equipage of medical departments of Bacau County’s hospitals (the 4th floor of Bacau Maternity Hospital, Pediatric Infectious Disease Department, Bacau Pediatric Hospital, Moinesti Municipal Hospital, Aids Pavilion within Bacau County Hospital, C.R.N.M. Racaciuni Gasteni);
• Renovations and equipages of departments within the hospitals in Bacau County
• Donations of sanitary materials and medical devices;
• Emergency financial supports granted o various people for surgical or medical treatment.

Betania Association has invested, since the beginning of its activities, in projects for sustaining the health system, trying to help as many beneficiaries as possible with the amounts allocated to these projects.

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