Accomplishing humanitarian projects in the town and Bacau district, we had the chance to know all the factors which are involved in the social, administrative, and economical life of Bacau community.
From time to time, we tried to support various initiatives, to make sure that this will contribute to democracy, development, partnership and civic spirit, for all society’s members.

In this way we can enumerate Betania Association’s participation as sponsor and/or organizer, sometime in partnership with different institutions, of some activities which are not the same as our principal project:

– The Bacau Gala of Mass -Media (6 edition);
– Printing literature books, collection of problems, textbooks, etc;
– Project patronage for “Children mayor”;
– Cultural and sports activities;
– Partnerships for feasibility studies, round tables, and the analyses of social phenomenon from Bacau area.

Betania Association is member of:

– Child Protection Committee of Bacau.
– Accreditation Committee of Bacau social services suppliers;
– District partnership concerning social inclusion;
– Evaluation committee for social worker training courses;
– The local project ” Ideas for a healthy family”;
– Local coordinator group concerning the human trafficking;
– Poverty awareness committee.

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