Counseling, Information and Support Center for families in crisis situations

This project was established in 1995 aiming at keeping the children in their families, continuing with their  school  courses,  reintegrating/integrating  children  or  young  people  who  have  abandoned  their studies, and preventing the institutionalization of children and family breaking-up.

The beneficiaries of this social project, more than 1000 per year, are orphans, widows, mono-parental families, people with disabilities, older people, families with many children, street children, homeless people, emergency medical cases, people detention, and young people.

Beneficiaries’ selection is made in the hearing programs of the Information Center, in the counseling and support programs for families in difficulty, depending on the gravity of the applicants’ situation. After the initial assessment of the family, the social worker makes a proposal on the intervention plan for each case. For maximum efficiency, the team seeks information and support from the institutions responsible for  child protection (school, hospital, town halls,  police) for the social integration of  the beneficiaries.

The  intervention  plan  consists  of  financial  aid,  material  support  (clothes,  medical  supplies,  school supplies, food, and furniture), psychological counseling and support for finding and keeping a job. The social   worker   and   the   project   coordinator   visit   the   families   on   a   regular   basis   for   plan’s implementation, advice and family monitoring.

Depending  on  the  severity of  the  cases,  families  can  be  supported for  6  to  12  months.  Thus,  120 families  without  financial  possibilities  and  in  crisis  situations  receive  financial  and  material  support every month.

The annual cost of the project is EUR 50,000 in contributions from foreign partners.

The results of the project are: improved standard of living for the families supported, their education, beneficiaries’ employment for definite and indefinite periods.

Emergency financial support

The emergency financial support is given to those with serious social and medical problems, after the evaluation committee has undertaken a social investigation and confirmed the seriousness of the case.

In medical cases, emergency financial support is given for treatment, chirurgical emergencies, transplants, implants, transport of invalid people or people without financial means to clinics/hospitals from inside or outside the country.

Some pupils and students benefit from a monthly or biannual financial support for the payment of tuition fees and/or for accommodation and meals.

The persons without income or with low financial means receive emergency financial support to settle extremely serious social problems.

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